Activating Instructions

How to activate a pending document in eFront Investment Café


• Pending documents are those that are not visible to investors, however they are
visible to those authorized at your firm (fund administrators on the Portal)
• You need to activate a pending document for it to be visible to your
• These instructions explain how to activate a pending document.

1. Log into ICX Admin and navigate to the “Administration”
section, at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Click on the Document Management pod on the Menu, located on the left side of the screen.

3. The following screen displays a list of documents which are
pending. Pending documents are not visible to investors. They are
only visible to those authorized employees who have
administrative access to eFront Investment Café ICX Admin.

4. Click on the batch of pending documents to Proof/Audit them, before releasing the information to investors. Note: Status of the documents in question will be Pending.

5. After clicking on the batch, click on the “4) Summary” button at the top of the page, and then proceed to click on “Generate PDF Proof” to QA/Proof the files.

6. After clicking the button “Generate PDF Proof”, the option next to it (“Preview PDF Proof”) will become available.

7. Click on the “Preview PDF Proof”, and a new tab with proofed documents will be opened for you to review.

8. After the review is completed, you can click “Approve” button at the bottom of the page, to make the files available to investors.

You can also Approve/Release documents from the main screen by selecting the batch(es) as shown below, and clicking “Approve”, however it is strongly advised to check (proof) the documents before releasing them to investors.

Click on the “Approve” icon to navigate to the next screen, and then click “Confirm” on the next pop-up screen.

After clicking “Confirm”, the batch and documents will change its status to Active. You can filter the documents by the Status field at the top of the page and select Active to see all active batches.

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