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The PDF files take a long time to download.

This is normal. Some of the PDF files are very large and can take a few minutes to download. If you're continuing to face issues, please reach out to the support team on

I am trying to open a PDF document and getting an error: "There was an error processing a page. Wrong number of arguments for a setcolor operator."?

Please ensure you have the most up to date version of Adobe.
You can get the latest version by going to Adobe's website and download the newest version of Acrobat at

How do I download a file without opening it?

  • Navigate your mouse to the document's name.
  • You can then right click which will trigger a window to open.
  • Scroll down to the words "save target as". Once you select the words "save target as" your computer will ask you where you would like the file to be saved.
  • Save the file to the directory of your choice.
  • It may take a few minutes to complete the download. Your browser will alert you when the download is complete.

I am trying to download a PDF file and I am getting a browser error.

There could be a number of reasons for the browser error. Please ensure that you're using the most up to date version of your internet browser to ensure the best viewing platform. If your browser is up to date, you can try clearing your internet cache.
If you're using internet explorer, you can do this by clicking on the tools icon in the top right hand corner of the browser (this looks like a cog) > scroll down tointernet options > click on the delete button > this will open another dialog box.
Please ensure that ONLY "temporary internet files" and "cookies" are selected and click on delete.
Additionally, please ensure that when you initially go to the tools icon in the browser > internet options > in the general tab > click on "settings" under browsing history > ensure that "every time i visit the webpage" is selected and click on OK. If you're using google chrome
You can clear your cache by navigating to the top right hand corner > click on the icon that consists of three bars > scroll down to settings > in the settings page, click on "show advanced settings" at the bottom of the page - this will show the privacy options > click on "clear browsing data" > ensure that the options "delete cookies and other site and plug-in data", "empty the cache" and "clear data from hosted apps" is checked > click on "clear browsing data." If after clearing your cache you are still facing difficulties, please reach out to the support team on

How do I print a report or page?

Click the Print button on your browser's toolbar to print a page or report. Alternatively, you can download a document (if the fund manager has approved this particular security setting) and then print this.

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